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Matteo Romano

LinkedIn Lead Generation

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The 15% Conversion Rate Lead Generation Strategy



Pubblication Date

June 10th 2020

Format & Length

PDF - 125 Pages


LinkedIn is the best platform on earth to find targeted business (B2B) customers and to generate sales.

As a Marketing Consultant, I hear entrepreneurs saying “LinkedIn doesn’t work”. If you’re one of them, then this book is for you!

THEN, If you’re looking forward to hearing something NEW and that comes from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, then you should get it NOW.


Because inside you will learn my personal B2B Lead Generation strategy that has allowed me to convert 15% of the people I contact with LinkedIn into potential customers!
LinkedIn for Business – The 15% Conversion Rate Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy for B2B sales will help you:

– APPLYING THE 15% CONVERSION RATE LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY: I will explain to you in detail the strategy that I have personally developed to convert 15% of the people contacted into new leads with my LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate sales. I will provide you with the specific funnel that I have used, and a series of message templates that have helped me during these years

– MAKING USE OF LINKEDIN ADS AND GROUPS TO GENERATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: I will guide you in creating successful LinkedIn ads campaigns and make the best use of your professional LinkedIn page and your LinkedIn group

 USING THE STRAIGHT LINE METHODOLOGY TO SELL MORE: I will explain how to conclude more business negotiations through the Straight Line methodology invented by Jordan Belfort

– POSITIONING YOURSELF AS THE INDUSTRY LEADER: I will guide you in attracting business opportunities passively through concrete LinkedIn marketing skills

– IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL B2B CUSTOMER: I will help you identify who your ideal B2B customers are, to understand their behaviour and to use LinkedIn marketing to reach them effectively

– AUTOMATE YOUR LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY WITH ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION: I will explain to you how to use Robotic Process Automation to spend even less time in generating new business opportunities and ensure that you can focus on what is most important, that are, sales.

If you’re willing to generate thousands of B2B leads and sales through LinkedIn Marketing, this book is for you!


Matteo Romano

16 reviews for LinkedIn for Business

  1. fashionforward8

    It really is the Ultimate Guide for lead generation!

  2. lsally

    If you need to up your performance on LinkedIn read this book

  3. suifeng

    Finally a book that answers all my questions about using LinkedIn

  4. omar_almudaries

    Essential if you would like to get leads through linkedin

  5. katechatz

    A must read for LinkedIn users.

  6. lamont88

    This guide is invaluable!

  7. sherieb258

    This is a fantastic book! It delivers on the promise of the title!

  8. rosalisart

    Guidelines + Examples x How to

  9. katmar2014

    Great resource that is easy to follow!

  10. coinsulter

    I particularly found it useful to understand the importance of using my personal brand …

  11. platinum850

    Great advice for generating high quality leads through LinkedIn

  12. ledyourparty

    A definite must-read for anyone on LinkedIn!

  13. samuel394

    This book will take your personal brand to the next level

  14. sherieb258

    This is a fantastic book! It delivers on the promise of the title!

  15. tnsuperman81

    Comprehensive and Solidly Informative

  16. four_dimensions

    I frequently find myself going back to reference a chapter when I have a question about something and will continue to use it a a great resource for LinkedIn

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