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Matteo Romano

Hi, my name is Matteo Romano and I’m a digital marketing consultant. What I love doing in my life is to share my passion for business, innovation and technology with entrepreneurs and startupperrs who want to change their customers’ lives with their unique value proposition. 


Born and raised in Italy, after my bachelor at Bocconi University in Milan, I have moved to Madrid for a master degree at EAE Business School. Since then, I have worked in the sectors of retail, events and fashion, tourism, cultivating my passion for Branding, Digital Marketing, Website development, Social Media Marketing and Sales.

My Digital Marketing Services

My objective is to help you achieve your goals through my expertise.


The key to success for your business is a strong online presence


A tailor-made digital marketing strategy will guide you to reach more customers


Keeping track of all your KPIs is the key for a profitable business

Let's supercharge your brand!

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100+ Satisfied Customers

60+ 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

I purchased the gig with the goal to develop an Instagram advertising system for my business. Matteo knew what I wanted and provides great customer service from the beginning. Therefore I am very pleased with my choice because I know I will be a customer for a long time, I can recommend this seller to anyone. A GEM 😉
It's such a pleasure to work with Matteo. He is a knowledgeable and patient digital marketing consultant, he asks the right questions and is willing to go the extra mile. I hired him for a month, but I'm looking forward to a successful year with him as our social media manager. A1!
This is my second project with Matteo who I find attentive, smart, reliable, adaptable, positive and above all patient. For sure he will learn what works for you, and also give suggestions. Coming from an advertising design background I was happy to see his copywriting skills applicable.​

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