How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

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Finally, the description is the bulk of content below all the specifications laid out “above the fold”.

Depending on the type of product, and whether you have a new brand or established company, the “description” area can be a number of different things.

It’s best to consider it similar to a product listing page on eBay – showcasing exactly what’s for sale. Minus images, a similar state of affairs exists (you can use limited amounts of HTML in it).

The most important thing to realize is that you’re not restricted to just bullet-points (as you are with the product features) – this not only gives a little more creative freedom. Obviously, this means that you need to ensure you’re making the right choices…

  • Lead with the SINGLE reason why people would buy YOUR product over a competitor’s – marketing / sales 101 but it’s so easy to forget it. There’s always a SINGLE reason why people buy a particular product (it can be the quality, design or how it works)
  • Lead with a headline, use a small bit of blurb to describe the product and then use several bullet points to describe what the buyer is going to get – you only get ~300 words so don’t go overboard
  • Pick an emotive angle – The best product are sold through emotion – use copy that evokes ideas of how the product will fit into someone’s life
  • Use HTML sparingly – bold text is nice, but not the defining factor of your product – don’t go overboard with the stylization (it should compliment the copy, not define it)

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