How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

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Features (Bullet Points)

bullet points

This is where things start to get important.

The features (bullet points) are meant to describe the specifications of the product; they’re now mostly used to provide users with information about the product (copy).

Regardless of what you write there, there are several factors to consider:

  • Wrap features inside benefits – Rather than saying “15cm long”, say “3 HANDY SIZES – 5cm, 10cm & 15cm”
  • Include ALL 5 bullets – might be tempting to only use 3 – use all of the 5 and talk about the company & “guarantee” for the last one
  • Lead with “CAPITALIZED” benefits – buyers want to know what the product is going to for them, and then why – you do this with “CAPITALIZED TITLES – followed by an explanation of each point”
  • Don’t be afraid to use several sentences for each bullet – some products just need the features listed; if you need extra edge, add copy
  • Focus on the product (not the buyer) – beginners make the mistake of leading with buyer-centric benefits (because they read it in some copywriting forum) – this is bad. People are on Amazon to buy products, not learn about how an oven glove will make them look younger etc.

As mentioned, if you’re looking at developing an effective system, you need to be able to encourage buyers that your company – and by virtue – your products are trustworthy and high quality.

The way you do that is to make as much use of the available content area as possible.

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