How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

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Images are necessary for getting products noticed.

The keys with images are as follows:

  • Clarity is *everything* – don’t worry about any background or whatever – people want to see the quality of the product and expect 4k+ imagery to show it
  • Only show what’s required – software products don’t “need” a box but they’ll obviously add to the perception of its quality — people primarily need to see screenshots
  • Make sure the images represent *exactly* what the buyer is getting – don’t use any tricks/hacks to make the product look better than what it is – just show people the product & accessories which may come with it

If you’re not very good with photographs, you’ll need to talk to a photographer.

Alternatively, there are companies on the likes of Fiverr who’ll be able to set up a good shot as well.

The point is that as long as you have ~5 really good images, this should be okay.

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