How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

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How To Do It Yourself


As mentioned, the above structure is pretty-much what determines whether a product will be accepted by Amazon.

The most important thing to do is understand what “triggers” buyers to trust your product.

When selling products, it’s far better to deal with emotion than logic…

  • Logically, you may think the product can be listed and people will pick it, evaluate it based on its features and make a purchase.
  • Emotionally, people choose products by the company they feel will deliver an experience as close to their aspirations as possible.

Such examples as creating a “compelling” title (which just has to list the various features of the product from the perspective of how it can be used) and a “description” which showcases how the product can fit into the buyer’s life will convert much higher than simply listing the features of the product. Remember, the majority of people are buying the product for an ulterior reason… highlighting how it will push them to this underlying result will make the difference between buying the product or not.

To this end, the following explains how each of the elements of the description work:

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