How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

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Amazon product listings adhere to the same structure:

  • Title
  • Images
  • Features (Bullet Points)
  • Description (incl HTML)

What most people see in the Amazon listing is the top part (Title, Images & Bullet Points) – the “meat” of the listing is the description, which can include basic HTML formatting.

If you want to create an effective listing, the trick is to be clear, concise and thorough.

The best generally have clear, high definition images, coupled with informative & compelling bullet points (which are focused on benefits) and a keyword-rich title.

The real killer the “copy” used throughout the listing. Both in the bullet-points and the full description, being able to convey the benefits of the product whilst ensuring the reader is compelled to buying your particular product is a fine line.

Due to the nature of this copy, a number of copywriting experts have been making serious money providing “Amazon Product Listing” copywriting services. The premise is they will help people make more money by writing more lucid copy.

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